Sensivity, specificity and accuracy.

Empowering surgeons to make critical decisions in real-time.

“The probe allows us to detect low-density, invasive cancer cells that are difficult to treat through current treatments.”

Kevin Petrecca, chief of neurosurgery, head of the brain cancer research group, Montreal Neurological Institute.

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Our system provides real time molecular information that accurately identifies the presence of cancer cells.

We are now able to detect cancer cells that were previously undetectable using conventional imaging modalities like MRI or CT. This provides surgeons the ability to reduce rates of left behind cancer and more effective surgeries with fewer unwanted side effects.


Looking beyond the edge of cancer

ODS Medical Inc. is a medical device company pushing the limits of cancer detection with our exclusive Raman spectroscopy system for real-time tissue characterization and pursuing the development, manufacture and sales of products for a range of clinical settings.