Looking beyond the edge of cancer

ODS Medical Inc. is a medical device company pushing the limits of cancer detection with our exclusive Raman spectroscopy system for real-time tissue characterization and pursuing the development, manufacture and sales of products for a range of clinical settings.

ODS Medical Inc. is dedicated to bringing to the hands of physicians the next generation of diagnostic tools. Building on our revolutionary proprietary platform technology, we integrate cutting edge optical probes with the most sophisticated software, based on machine learning algorithms, to empower doctors to make critical decisions- in real-time – with unprecedented sensitivity, specificity and accuracy.

Those who work in the shadows to create light

Our team is made up of talents from all walks of life. We are on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough that will change the lives of many people with brain cancer.


Eric MarpleB. Ing.

Frederic Leblond, PhDChief Technical Officer

Kevin Petrecca, MD, PhDChief Medical Officer

Kirk UrmeyB. Ing.

All the team

It’s time for you to reveal the invisible

Contact us for any questions about our company or technology and someone from our team will reply.

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5155 Chemin de la Rampe,
Pavillon J.A. Bombardier Suite J-1116,
Montreal, QC, H3T 2B1

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