ODS Medical Inc

Christopher Kent, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Chris has expertise in cancer cell biology, the identification of novel therapeutic strategies for brain cancer, and the management of early-stage start-ups. Working over the past few years with Dr. Kevin Petrecca, Chris has built a translational research program at the Montreal Neurological Institute focused on working with industry partners to accelerate the discovery and pre-clinical development of a wide variety of small molecules and biologics for treatment of brain cancers. In parallel, Chris has spearheaded efforts in commercialization of in-house discoveries related to brain cancers. He has also published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. Prior to his work at the MNI, Chris was involved with a start-up that specialized in the application of stimuli-responsive polymer materials to a wide range of industries. As Director of Business Development and IP strategy, Chris participated in the due-diligence process through the seed round of venture capital financing. He also developed the company’s business model, leveraging strategic industry collaborations in sectors such as packaging, textiles, energy and life sciences, into a growing patent portfolio which through subsequent development and out-licensing deals grew the company’s revenue ten-fold.

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