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Our technology relies on the unique signature of light scattering that occurs when a specific wavelength of light is used to illuminate different tissue. This optical effect is known as Raman Spectroscopy. The system uses a low powered laser to illuminate the point to be measured and collects the light that is reflected back to the probe. It then detects very small shifts in the wavelength of the returning light creating the spectral pattern. The presence of different characteristic molecular bonds will alter the degree to which different shifts in the light occur.

Through using sophisticated machine-learning algorithms, ODS Medical has been able to train our system to recognize the optical signature present in these very subtle signals and distinguish between normal and cancerous tissue with sub-millimeter precision, all in a fraction of a second.

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We have developed an advanced technology to detect cancer cells. This scientific and technological advance gives surgeons the weapons to intervene with precision for the extraction of the cancerous cells.


Left behind cancer, positive surgical margins, incomplete resections, damge to healthy tissue and poor diagnostic yields.


Surgical guidance and optical biopsy tools for brain tumors, prostate and lung cancers.


Reduced recurrence rates, fewer surgeries, fewer side-effects, higher-yield diagnostic procedures.

Looking beyond the edge of cancer

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Recent publications

Consult our recent publications to follow the evolution of this scientific technology. This resource center lists academic, researchers and neurosurgeons articles.

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Looking beyond the edge of cancer

ODS Medical Inc. is a medical device company pushing the limits of cancer detection with our exclusive Raman spectroscopy system for real-time tissue characterization and pursuing the development, manufacture and sales of products for a range of clinical settings.